The Latest Smartphone From Xiaomi Reviewed

Published on June 7 2020

The Latest Smartphone From Xiaomi Reviewed
The Latest Smartphone From Xiaomi Reviewed

What are the newest smartphones from Xiaomi? The latest smartphone from Xiaomi is out and it is out to change the status quo of mobile technology. This company has been around for some time now and they have made a name for themselves through high quality, reliable, and dependable handsets. I have always preferred to carry my phone on me at all times, but I could never bring myself to get one of the latest models because I feel like it wouldn't be as convenient as my favourite smartphone from Xiaomi. So, when the latest handset was out I was naturally excited about trying it out. What makes this particular smartphone different from other smartphone's in the market?


First off, it uses the Nano-SIM instead of the micro-SIM card. In this case, it really makes a world of difference. Micro-SIM cards can be very difficult to insert into my smartphone and the Nano-SIM is super compact and I never have any trouble inserting it. The iPhone has a Nano-SIM as well, but it doesn't seem to work with many mobile carriers. However, the latest smartphone from Xiaomi is compatible with most mobile networks in China. I am happy to report that it works perfectly. I was using the Nano-SIM prior to I bought the latest smartphone from Xiaomi and I never had any problems inserting the Nano-SIM at all.


The primary reason I use this handset is because it has a very low weight. It only weighs a little over 2 grams, which makes it easy to slide in my pocket and use. It is also very small, so I can easily tuck it away while I am out and about. I also prefer the wide-angle camera on the phone. My previous cellphone only had a telephoto lens. The wide-angle lens allows me to take photos from different angles and I can take lots of pictures.

The Latest Smartphone From Xiaomi Reviewed

Secondly, I'm a big fan of the brilliant ambient light sensor on the latest smartphone from Xiaomi. With this feature, I am able to see when the sunlight has dimmed significantly.


Thirdly, I have great apps for YouTube and Google Maps. I don't need the weather or fitness apps, because my smartphone has everything I need on tap. There is nothing better than knowing exactly what you are going to be doing before you leave.


The only thing I'd like to see added on this handset would be a way to hide the camera button on the side of the phone. I don't like having the camera button on my left hand side and I wish there was a way to use my right hand for other things. For example, I hate having to look down at my phone to see the time. The latest smartphone from Xiaomi actually has a clock on the top that will help me read the time and not have to stare at my phone.


This is similar to the way in which the Nokia N-series was able to get away with having a tiny, tiny screen while having a traditional, bulky phone in the past. If the latest smartphone terbaik di dunia from Xiaomi had a screen that was this small, it wouldn't have been able to break the rules. My best smart phone in the past has had screens like the One X, which was one of the most reliable smartphones in the market today. I think this Xiaomi smartphone is going to become my favorite as well.

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